Rude Awakening on YouTube!

How To Live – Pilot Clip

Max shows Natalie there’s nothing scary about the dog sculpture

Rude Awakening – Richard Lewis

Clip from Rude Awakening with guest star Richard Lewis

Rude Awakening – Episode 104 Clip

Billie telling Ted (guest star Kevin Kilner) about what it means to be Jewish

Rude Awakening – Episode 105

Billie and the group talk mothers. Guest appearance by Andrea Abbate!

Rude Awakening – Episode 105 Clip

Billie talks drinking with her mom, Trudy

Rude Awakening – More Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge does NOT want you to touch her coffee

Rude Awakening – Episode 103 Clip

Trudy with an odd request for Dave

Rude Awakening – Jennifer Coolidge

Guest star this week was Jennifer Coolidge

How To Live Clip

Sarah, Brad and Elizabeth talking parenting and what exactly a “bath” entails.